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Iodine derivatives


Calcium Iodate

Calcium Iodate is a universal micro-mineral widely used in the feed industry. It is an excellent source of iodine for livestock and poultry. This product consists of the pure nutrient and carriers, which are either Calcium Carbonate or Maifan stone powder.

Potassium Iodate

Potassium Iodate is a strong inorganic oxidant. It is soluble in diluted acid, insoluble in ethanol. It is used widely in medical to prevent and treat iodine goiter and as pharmaceutical, especially X-ray contrast agent. It is also used in iodized salt as well as animal feed as iodine supplement.

Potassium Iodide

Potassium iodide is an important source of iodine for organic synthesis。 It is soluble in water, ethanol, methanol, acetone, ammonia and glycerin, and slightly soluble in ether. Aqueous KI solution is neutral or slightly alkaline. KI is an important raw material for chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry. It is also widely used as LCD Polarizer and Nylon polymer additive.

Sodium Iodide

Sodium Iodide is a raw material used to synthesize inorganic iodide and organic iodide. It is soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, acetone, glycerol, ammonia and liquid sulfur dioxide. NaI solution is slightly alkaline. It is widely used in pharmaceutical industry as analytical reagent, control agent and X-ray contrast agent.




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