Betaine Anhydrous 96%
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Betaine Anhydrous 96%

Betaine is a naturally occurring material found within the cells of many food sources, has two important functions in animal nutrition as an osmolyte and as a methyl donor via transmethylation.

Osmolytes help maintain cellular fluid balance, maintaining water balance in cells is an energy consuming process. Thus betaine can reduce the dietary energy specification, increase carcass lean deposition.

A methyl donor both contains and donates methyl groups for many essential biological functions. Betaine molecule contains 3 methyl groups and it can donate some or all of these more efficiently than other potential methyl sources in the feed such as methionine.

Betaine can reduce the the heat stress of animal, also a good feeding-attractant for aqua animals


HAVAY Standard

Content / %

≥ 96%


White powder

Loss on Drying / %

≤ 2

Residue on Ignition / %

≤ 2

Chlorides (as Chloride Ions) /%

≤ 0.5

Heavy Metals (as Lead) / ppm

≤ 10

Ash / ppm

≤ 1

Free Amine (as TMA) / ppm

≤ 300

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